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"Why should I have an onsite estate sale?"

Having an estate sale on-site will bring in more money from the sale of personal property than by any other means of liquidation.  Your items are more appealing and sell better when they are displayed in an appropriate atmosphere.  An on-site sale offers the convenience of no packing and no moving, both of which can result in damage to merchandise.

"Why should I hire an estate sale agent?"

An estate sale agent serves as an overseer of the sale of all items included and will work to bring in collectors, dealers and buyers willing to pay the best prices.  Identification of and placing a value on antiques, collectibles and household items, coupled with the knowledge of the best fair-market value for merchandise take study and experience.  It involves continual research.  In short, it takes a full time professional who specializes in the work.  The extra money an experienced agent can realize for you from just a few items, priced right, can sometimes pay the entire commission charged for the sale.

"How much will it cost to have an agent do my sale?"

It will cost nothing out of pocket, with the exception being hoarder homes, and also some clean outs.  We charge a commission based on the size of the sale, how much work is involved to prepare and run the sale and whether or not there will be travel expenses should the sale be located in a city outside the normal range of operation.  A comfortable range of commission on the sale is between 30-50%. We charge 30-40% if we are simply coming into a home that is somewhat organized, we provide set up, research, advertising, accounting and conduct the sale. The difference between 30 and 40% depends on the size of the sale.  At the end of the sale we sweep, leave and pay you your proceeds.  

We are also available for more strenuous organization pre-sale, and a total clean out after the sale, to include charity pick up, trash removal, etc.  These sales range from 40-50%.

"When are estate sales usually held?"

The sale itself is conducted usually from Friday - Sunday. However each sale is unique and the hours and days are determined accordingly.

"How long does it take to prepare a sale?"

A good estate sale professional will be able to keep preparation time to a minimum, usually two weeks for an average size sale.  Time will be given to searching the house for any unusual and/or valuable items which will need buyers whoses interests lay in those special areas and to be certain that everything is organized and displayed appropriately before the sale begins.

"What does an estate sale agent do to protect my property?"

An agent will secure small, valuable items into locking display cases and assign a staff member to watch these items and to assist customers in selecting them.  Staff will be directed to station themselves throughout the house where they can observe the customers and to watch the merchandise to prevent theft.  They will direct customers to exit only through the designated exit.  Agent will limit the number of customers allowed inside the house to a controllable number.  Should any customer be observed in a manner that could cause damage to any item of personal property or to the house or yard, agent will promptly escort the customer out.

"How long after the sale will I receive my proceeds?"

Complete accounting of a sale is usually completed within 5-10 days.

"How early should I contact you if I am thinking of having a sale?"

NOW. We would love to put your sale on our calendar ASAP, to reserve those dates for you. We get calls and emails daily about holding sales, so to ensure that you get the dates that you would like please prepare early.

 "What does clean out mean?"

We offer clean out services, after we hold the estate sale.  That means that we will pack all leftover items, that client does not want, or we do not send to auction or consignment, and we will call in a charity to pick up. We will remove all trash and do a broom clean, so that the home is ready for the realtor or new owner.

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